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episode 173: Discovery’s First Conventions

Is there such a thing as too much information? Data certainly wouldn’t say so, but a mere human mind may not be capable of processing the terabytes of information we were given by the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery at the recent conventions. Find out if Luke Weir needs a brain transplant after summarizing all of the latest Star Trek news on this episode of Hyperchannel!

Pre-Convention News (00:01:10)
CBS All Access in Canada
CBC: http://trekfm.link/2uKLDIe
Zoe Saldana’s New Media Company
Hollywood Reporter: http://trekfm.link/2whNYKk
Chris Pine on TNT
Variety: http://trekfm.link/2wS5m6a 

Bryan Fuller’s Vision for Star Trek: Discovery (00:03:18)
EW: http://trekfm.link/2v3zaKV

Discovery Convention News (00:05:26)
US Discovery Trailer: http://trekfm.link/2fNqAy1
Trailer Breakdown
TrekCore: http://trekfm.link/2uSkO0G
TrekNews: http://trekfm.link/2uKIyba
Everything Comic Con
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2wS617E
STLV Panels
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2uKLq7I

Character Details (00:05:48)
TrekToday: http://trekfm.link/2w4ayX3
Michael Burnham
TrekNews: http://trekfm.link/2uRLkal
Lt. Saru
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2vKRHh0
TrekCore: http://trekfm.link/2fM8OuS
Cadet Tilly
TrekCore: http://trekfm.link/2uRYmof
Lt. Tyler
TrekCore: http://trekfm.link/2i6B6ky
TrekCore http://trekfm.link/2vFitJ7
Lt. Stamets
EW: http://trekfm.link/2v4aiCO
Dr. Culber
TrekNews: http://trekfm.link/2whLjAj  http://trekfm.link/2uKN49A
TrekCore: http://trekfm.link/2vFD1l3
IMDB: http://trekfm.link/2x6FWkp
TrekCore: http://trekfm.link/2x6ysxZ

Klingons (00:10:47)
TrekCore: http://trekfm.link/2w3lxzY
EpicStream: http://trekfm.link/2uRWZG5
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2fMsEGv
STLV Panel on Creature Design
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2wSeNTh

Mature Content on Discovery (00:13:39)
EW: http://trekfm.link/2v3FDFy
TrekToday: http://trekfm.link/2whs2yQ 

God (Not) Banned from Discovery (00:14:33)
Telegraph: http://trekfm.link/2wcSBWB
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2wSeYxV

Star Trek Timelines Interview (00:15:40)

Trek Stars Reacting to Discovery at STLV (00:25:15)
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2v3Z0yr

The Orville (00:27:29)
TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2uS3Teu http://trekfm.link/2vFBewi http://trekfm.link/2i8ckR5
Deadline: http://trekfm.link/2whPBaP


Luke Weir

Luke Weir (Editor and Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Charlynn Schmiedt (Executive Producer) Ken Tripp (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager)


 2017-08-18  31m