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Self Esteem

This week the team released an Rap playlist which feature talented upcoming musician around the world. so (Be Sure) to sit back and listen to some new fresh music. Below will be the name of each artist from top to bottom of their name and Instagram in the same order of the playlist. Podcast Host| @in_max_we_trust 1. Jef Lyte | Talk About| @Jef_lyte 2. Jalen Kelly | Hate Crime | @jalenkelly 3. Mike Bizi | Finding MY Way| @realmikebizi 4. Kah Roberts | Kill Switch | @kahroberts1 5. Young Izz | Say What You Want | @str8bizz_izze 6. DapYp | You Gone Ride | @dap_yp 7. JM Haze | Royalty | @wittheflows__ 8 Ayron Carmona | So Cold | @therealayronc 9. Fidel Parra | Dreams come True | @fidel_parra


 2018-11-08  3m