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Raelynn Maloney, “Waking Up: A Parent’s Guide to Mindful Awareness and Connection” (Companion Press, 2011)

Parenting books touting new philosophies are widely available. Raelynn Maloney’s book, Waking Up: A Parent’s Guide to Mindful Awareness and Connection (Companion Press, 2011) is not that kind of book. Rather, her message to parents is simple. Using mindfulness is not meant to replace existing parenting philosophies. It is meant to augment what parents are currently doing. Dr. Maloney first encourages and helps parents understand problematic behavior before guiding them through daily activities that are meant to increase moment-to-moment awareness of parent-child interactions. This awareness is meant to help parents be in the moment with their children, rather than 10 steps ahead of the moment. How does being in the moment with your child help you as a parent? Dr. Maloney walks the audience through the importance of mindfulness and how it can be used to improve your relationship with your child, thus tackling problematic child behavior in a different way than most other books on parenting.

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 2012-03-12  40m