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episode 147: 147: Disposing RxJava 2 Streams with AutoDispose

In this short fragment episode, Donn explains how you can clean up your RxJava 2 streams and ensure no memory leaks are occurring by using the AutoDispose library from Uber. Shownotes

  • AutoDispose Library
  • Tool to help migrate to RxJava 2 CatchUp Library
Code Samples Java myObservable .map(...) .as(AutoDispose.<SomeType>autoDisposable(AndroidLifecycleScopeProvider.from(this))) .subscribe(...) Kotlin myObservable .map(...) .autoDisposable(AndroidLifcycleScopeProvider.from(this)) .subscribe(...) With Scope Event Provided myObservable .map(...) .autoDisposable(AndroidLifcycleScopeProvider.from(this, Lifecycle.Event.ON_DESTROY)) .subscribe(...) Testing // File: CustomerService.kt class CustomerService @Inject constructor(...) { lateinit var scopeProvider: ScopeProvider } // Usage in Fragment/Activity/etc val service = CustomerService(...).apply { scopeProvider = AndroidLifecycleScopeProvider.from(this) } // Usage in Test val service = CustomerService(...).apply { scopeProvider = TestScopeProvider.create() } Contact
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 2018-12-31  15m