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episode 148: 148: Evolving Android architectures (Part 1)

In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about the state of android architectures and how they've stared to evolve. Kaushik recently worked on a project of coming up with an evolved version of an MVVM architecture, very similar to what the Android community now calls MVI. Special request: if you have follow up questions or clarifications or things you'd like to see specifically with respect to this dicussion, hit us up on the Discord #fragmented-podcast channel with your thoughts and we'll make sure to address them in future parts! Shownotes

  • MBLT-Dev talk by KG : Unidirectional state flow patterns - a refactoring story
  • github sample repo with this pattern
Salient features of the pattern:
  1. Screens are driven by a single ViewModel II. Screens listen to a single Observable exposed from the ViewModel III. Screens listen to a single Observable exposed from the ViewModel IV. Events are sent into the VM through a single function processInputs
  2. Break(ing) the Chain VI. Testing strategy
  • The state of managing state with RxJava
  • MVI patterns with Hannes Dorfmann
  • MVRx
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 2019-01-07  58m