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We are Raiders of the Podcast. We are a weekly podcast about movies. Sometimes new ones, often older ones, frequently bad ones. We like cowboy hats, face hugs, strangely sexual automaton interactions, and listeners like you.


Cults, Cuts, and a Singer Gone Nuts

In this episode we are joined by a Very Special Guest, unlike our previous guests who were all hitchhikers we found off various backroads off I-70. First up we take a long hard fake documentary style look at Charlie and the Manson Bunch in Jim Van Bebber's 16-year long passion project that is filled with some amazing talent, regardless of how you feel about the film as a whole, The Manson Family. 
After that we take a weekend holiday in Spain at at the luxurious villa clinic of Antonio Banderas... I mean, Doctor Robert Ledgard and his not at all, uh, unique, yeah let's go with that, relationship with body stocking enthusiast Vera to feel better about The Skin I Live In. ***WARNING! THERE ARE HEAVY SPOILERS FOR THE SKIN I LIVE IN*** There is a handy warning in the episode itself and a nice idea of where those spoilers end. Because if you have ANY interest, you really should go into it as blind as possible. 
Arriving back just in time to drop our guest at their date with The Phantom of the Paradise, Brian De Palma's 1974 glam rock musical tale of Faustian deals, Paul Williams songs and the consequences of improper record press machinery procedure.

Episode 62- Cults, Cuts, and a Singer Gone Nuts


 2018-08-11  n/a