Magna Recordings Radio Show by Carlos Manaça

"Magna Recordings Radio Show by Carlos Manaça" is a weekly 1 hour Radio Show that features some of Carlos Manaça's live recorded sets and also from his special guests. If you're a Radio Station and want to air our weekly Radio Show please subscribe it here: Also available at


Magna Recordings Radio Show by Carlos Manaça | LIVE at Pedra Do Couto [Portugal]

On this week episode we travel to the North of Portugal. Last December 8th Carlos Manaça played a 4 hour set at one of the main Portuguese Clubs right now, “Pedra Do Couto” in Santo Tirso (near Oporto) and this is one hour selected from that set. “Pedra Do Couto” is one of the oldest Portuguese Clubs, celebrated 35 years in 2018 and still packs every Saturday ! More info at Our Radio Show is distribuited by Syndicast. If you are a radio station and interested in airing the show, please register here: You can find our Radio Show here:


 2019-01-07  1h0m