Metagamers Anonymous

Metagamers Anonymous is dedicated to the tabletop RPG hobby through the lense of immersive roleplaying. In each episode, the cast discusses elements of the gaming experience, sharing their own thoughts and hard-won lessons gleaned from decades of play, and offering advice on achieving greater satisfaction through the auspices of character and story development and the shared tabletop RPG experience.


MetAnon Ep157 – The Big 5-0

In our 157th regular episode of Metagamers Anonymous, John recounts his experiences at GEN*CON 50. The cast also mulls over some of the challenges involved with Organized Play, discusses some of the new products released this week, and details the D&D updates to the TsunamiCon event schedule. Metagamers Anonymous is a podcast dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games and (mostly) related material. Join in the fun by posting comments or questions to our forum, or drop us a line at

Hosts: Erik, John, and Ken

TsunamiCon 2017 | Event Schedule
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Tsunami Virtual GameDay September 2017
D&D Survey (WotC)

Starfinder (RPG)
Urban Shadows (RPG)
FATE Toolkits (RPG accessory)
D&D Beyond (RPG digital accessory)


 2017-08-28  1h18m