The Notorious RPG: A Mutant Year Zero Actual Play Podcast

An improvised actual play podcast using the Mutant Year Zero system. Featuring original music, goofs, and good times.



episode 14: Episode 14 - Season 1 Finale, Pt. 1

The only thing standing in between the Mutants and Boss Aquifi is a door and lack of a solid plan.  Will they get past the door?  Will they face off with Aquifi once and for all and save the Gut? Will they even survive??  Why are you still reading? Listen and find out, dangit! Find us Online Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Google Playstore: Stitcher: Spotify: Cast Game Master, Producer, Composer of tunes is Max Beyer Lefty is played by Patrick Perish Corny Falco is played by Brandon Boat Pavlovena (and Crisp) is played by Maggie Sotos


 2019-01-20  51m