Thursday Knights Live Tabletop Roleplaying

A weekly podcast showing "Actual Play" of tabletop roleplaying games. Our group focuses on telling truly collaborative stories with a heavy amount of roleplaying. This is the podcast version of the live video show broadcast Wednesdays and Thursdays on our Twitch channel. Season 1 (1-135) is a complete Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Season 2 (139 and ongoing) is a our next big long-term campaign. It is played as TWO weekly sessions, each with a different cast of players and characters. The two storylines are happening simultaneously at two different places in the same campaign world.



Episode 9: Adventure on the High Seas

Episode 9 of the Thursday Knights Actual Play podcast is now available! This week, the PCs finish up their business in Skyclave and take to the seas! Timeline For those of you that would like to skip to specific parts, here is a timeline of events.

  • 0:00.36 Lurd’s Mansion
  • 0:25.18 Visiting Skyclave’s Academy
  • 0:32.11 Speaking to Baydin’s Wife
  • 0:49.57 Discussing Where to Go
  • 1:05.49 Checking on the Potion Shop
  • 1:23.02 Procuring a Ship
  • 1:46.43 The Open Sea!
  • 1:57.50 A Pirate Tale
  • 2:15.53 Danger!
Session Materials From time to time, we will include downloads of materials the DM prepared for the episode.
  • Kuo Toa on the High Seas (html)
Encounter Review Encounter Review: Kuo-Toa on the High Seas Live Video Stream We broadcast our episodes live as we play. We have two cameras in the stream, allowing viewers to see the tactical map in addition to the regular angle of the entire table. For information on how to tune-in and see us live, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We may offer a download of the recorded video sometime in the future as well.


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