Army Reserve Today

U.S. Army Reserve is a fifteen minute produced news program highlighting Army Reserve Soldiers, units, commands, families and others who make up our grass roots support base world-wide.


Army Reserve Today Episode 22

The February 2019 episode of Army Reserve Today, the quarterly video news magazine of the U.S. Army Reserve -- the most capable, combat-ready, and lethal Federal Reserve force in the history of the Nation -- features these stories: A Durable Force....An Army Reserve Soldier refines his skills, in his garage. A Gun Crew Unites...An Army Reserve gun crew learns the value of teamwork at Operation Cold Steel III A Massive Response...We take a look at how the Army Reserve trains its medical Soldiers for mass causality situations. In the Family....A myriad of circumstances results in a mother and daughter deploying together. These stories and more in the edition of Army Reserve Today


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