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episode 152: 152: Should i rewrite my app? with Jeroen Mols

After you've been working on an app for sometime, the most common quandry one runs into is the need to rewrite the app. We've all been there, there's technical debt, we've improved our understanding, the tools have become better, we've become better. So should you go back and just rewrite the whole app? Jeroen walks us through his thinking. Shownotes

  • The big Rewrite - Jeroen's talk
    • Droidcon Italy
    • Slides for the talk with notes
  • Philips Hue
  • Philips Hue API
  • The big rewrite - Chad Fowler
  • The big rewrite - Jo Van Eyck
  • Paying technical depth - Jeroen Moons
  • Things you should never do - Joel Spolsky
  • Write awesome unit tests - Jeroen Mols
  • Pro Android Studio - refactoring - Jeroen Mols
  • Why We Decided to Rewrite Uber’s Driver App - Nandhini Ramaswamy and Adam Gluck
  • How to Ship an App Rewrite Without Risking Your Entire Business - James Barr, and Zeyu Li
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 2019-02-11  58m