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A writer, a producer, a writer, a composer, a lawyer, and a software developer get together and drink, eat pizza, and play a tabletop RPG. We play a tabletop RPG called Taitansgrave, similar to Dungeons and Dragons, but very different at the same time. Titansgrave is set in Valkana. Valkana is a world where science and magic are both powerful forces. You can see hover cars and dragons race through the sky, and cyborgs and golems battle in the streets.



Titansgrave Episode 2 Adventures in Beer Core Remastered

The adventurers make it one step closer to Nestora. But who can pass up the Beer Baron’s personal invitation into Brew Core?

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Special thanks to www.tabletopaudio.com and DMDJ for the music and sounds.


 2016-02-04  1h48m