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episode 61: "Faraday" by Anders Fager, Chapter 3

I was fourteen when my father died in Abyssinia. Did he die fighting the Mad King Theodosius? No. He died from dysentery. Shat himself to death. Better mutter something about the Mad King. And glory and Empire. All these sad, lonely deaths I’ve seen being turned into something glorious and purposeful. And my mother wore black for a long time. In fact I cannot recall ever seeing her in anything but black afterwards. On the other hand, I do not remember the last time we met.

Sometimes the two tarots are extremely conflicting. And in this case it had a bearing on my brooding. The hermit is about being alone with one’s thoughts which felt quite appropriate then. But according to Seymour it should be Netzach the warrior on the card. Should I have imagined some Indian or Chinese Boxer monk? A Blackskirt or a Dervish? All these dead heroes. Remembered for pointless things.

Written by Anders Fager
Music by Atrium Carceri
Tarot card art by Axel Torvenius
Taroticum is an adventure for KULT: Divinity Lost by Helmgast AB


 2018-11-15  1m