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episode 72: Coriolis: A Song for Jarouma 01

Join us on a journey to the world of Free League’s Coriolis and space station FS-7, orbiting the gas giant Xene in the Kua system. Hjalmar plays the pilot Leila Hatami and Craig the technician Alam Dania, who are part of a team of researchers contracted to install and oversee an experiment known as the “Jarouma pattern”. They are still blissfully unaware of the roles they will play in events that will shake the Third Horizon to its foundations.

"By the Icons, it looks like we have succeeded. Readouts from quadrant 2 and 3 are confirmed. Both frequencies align with the Jarouma pattern. Alam will attach the data dumps. But, we have grave news. The mission is in danger. Weather is getting worse, and we’ve run into several incidents during the mission. Two of our crew-members are hurt and simulations indicate that the shuttle may not hold up to the stress as we try to reach quadrant 4. We pray to the Icons that this message will get through..."

Recorded at: GothCon
Gamemaster: Rickard Antroia who has constructed the scenario and is one of the writers on the campaign module “Emissary Lost” to which this adventure is a prologue
Music by: Alphaxhone, Sabled Sun (Thank you Cryo Chamber!) and Stars on a Black Sea
Sounds effects by: Syrinscape,


 2018-08-07  1h6m