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episode 38: The Black Madonna 35: Victory Day

The Great Patriotic War came to define the soul of the Soviet Union. It was a brutal, merciless slaughter and the Soviet war dead, both civilian and military, is estimated at 25 million people. 1.5 million of those died at the Siege of Leningrad. It was the sacrifice and perseverance of the people of the Soviet Union that ultimately defeated Nazi Germany.

But what followed the war was not peace, but a Cold War, a paranoid regime that murdered millions of its own people, tried to control their thoughts and worked them to death in gulags. A dictatorship that made slaves of the people they supposedly had liberated.  Half of Europe was plunged in to a repressive darkness… and dawn did not break until 1989.

Yet, the sacrifices of the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War are celebrated every year on May 9th at Red Square. Victory Day.

This is the end. Apotheosis.

Campaign: "The Black Madonna", KULT: Divinity Lost
Music by: Atrium Carceri



 2018-03-30  1h14m