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Manafort lawyers cross-examine Rick Gates after he testifies he helped ex-boss move secret money; Sources: Proposals by Trump aide Stephen Miller would make it harder for legal immigrants to earn citizenship; Dems hoping to flip reliably GOP House seat in

Gates: Manafort recommended that a banker who loaned him money be nominated as Trump's Army Secretary; Trump weighs Mueller interview, weighs-in on key elections; Wash Post: Giuliani reluctant to allow obstruction questions; Trump plays to base as he backs GOP candidates in key races; Sources: Feds looking into Michael Cohen's bank loans; WSJ: Cohen is under investigation for tax fraud; Sources: Trump aide Stephen Miller's proposals would penalize legal immigrants who use government benefits; Special election & primaries highlight trends for midterms; Largest wildfire in California history among 17 now burning; Intelligence community faces dilemma on Trump-Putin meeting via Knit


 2018-08-08  36m