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Trump and Kim Jong Un to begin summit one-on-one; Trump hours from meeting long-time U.S. enemy after angering allies; Trump and Kim will meet with only translators in room

Pompeo: Complete denuclearization is only acceptable outcome; Trump clashes with U.S. allies as Kim summit looms; U.S. official: Trump leaves early because Kim is doing same; Trump and Kim Jong Un summit just hours away; Trump and key advisers slam America's close allies; Trump: we'll know soon whether there will be a "real deal"; North Koreans finally told of summit; U.S. hits back for Russian cyberattacks; New U.S. sanctions hit back for Russian cyberattacks; North Koreans told of "profound" talks; Trump ready to meet Kim one-on-one but sets early departure; via Knit


 2018-06-12  36m