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Protests in Algeria: A fifth term for Bouteflika?

Mark Leonard speaks with Andrew Lebovich, Anthony Dworkin and Chloe Teevan, about what the demonstrators want, and EU-Algeria relations. Bookshelf: La Martingale Algérienne, Réflexions sur une crise by Abderrahmane Hadj-Nacer A History of Algeria by James McDougall Algiers, Third World Capital: Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Black Panthers by Elaine Mokhtefi The Battlefield: Algeria 1988-2002, Studies in a Broken Polity by Hugh Roberts Protests and the ailing president: Algeria's political crisis by Andrew Lebovich Renewing Europe by Emmanuel Macron Picture credit: Algeria Protests 2019 2nd week by Bachounda via Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA 3.0


 2019-03-06  30m