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Plane Safety Podcast Episode 58 ; Squawkbox

Hi Thanks for downloading the Plane Safety Podcast with Pilot Pip and Capt Al. We are also joined by a very 'curmudgeonly' special guest host. In this episode we are catching up with all your feedback from the Squawkbox.  In the Squawkbox : Many of you were kind enough to write in and tell us how much you enjoyed the 'How we got here' series. So many thanks to Michael D, Richard R, Ned S, Handsome Jeff & Derek S Chris T has some thoughts on pilot salaries, sick pay & benefits Tim from 'Down-under' sent a link to the Pitot Cover incident in Brisbane You can see it here. Oliver from Switzerland has some question about Threat & Error Management 'THE' Nevil has an episode suggestion Mr Annoynous is seeking some career advice James P has some questions on De-Icing. John H offers a helping hand on understanding RNAV/RNP terminology.   If you have enjoyed this podcast then please consider leaving a review on iTunes. If you have a question, story or something you'd like to share then you can contact us by emailing , by visiting the Squawkbox or through Twitter @psafetypodcast Thanks for listening. Pip & Al


 2019-03-06  2h28m