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Focusing on the defence industry, trends in military technology and the procurement programmes that get the kit into the hands of the warfighter. As well as a weekly news round-up of current events, Shephard Media’s team of international journalists and analysts take deep dives into defence issues, focusing on niche sectors of the market and look at where the trends are heading.If you work in the defence sector, have an interest in the development of defence technologies, or even if you are an end user of military equipment, then the Weekly Defence Podcast is aimed at you.


episode 7: Avalon, Counter UAV technologies, the armoured vehicle market and Leonardo’s NATO EW contract

This week we take a look at the Avalon and SCTX shows, talk about our upcoming Armoured Vehicle report, and interview Leonardo about their latest electronic warfare developments.

As always, we also give you the latest news in the defence sector, and our sponsor Nammo is this week’s Industry Voice. 

  • News Round Up (01:14)

With Helen away, our editor-in-chief Richard Thomas steps up to lead this week’s round up. First, he talks to our Asia-Pacific editor Gordon Arthur about the Avalon Airshow.

Avalon 2019: New UAVs break cover Down Under
Avalon 2019: Seeds sown for Team Reaper in Australia

Then, our land reporter Kate Martyr covers the various counter-UAV technologies on display at SCTX in London. She also covers all the latest news to have crossed the land desk, including the recent comments from defence secretary Gavin Williamson.

Airports more amenable to counter-drone technology
UK MoD opts for high-risk robot acquisition strategy

In the water this week, Richard covers the new contract between Thales and the Dutch navy regarding a new fire control system, as well as rumours regarding the early retirement of the USS Harry S Truman.

Future M-frigates to be fitted with next-gen fire control system
US Navy might retire aircraft carrier early

To round off our news round up for the week, our host touches upon the purchase of four F-35s by Singapore, as well as the reveal of Boeing’s secretive Loyal Wingman programme.

Singapore to buy four F-35s, with option for eight more
Avalon 2019: Secretive Loyal Wingman breaks cover

  • The Shephard Armoured Vehicle Report (27:16)

Our VP of content Tony Skinner talks to Matthew Smith, Shephard's director of analysis, outlining the findings of the 2019 Shephard Armoured Vehicles Market Report. The report gives a global overview of the armoured vehicle market over the next 10 years.
The Shephard Armoured Vehicles Report

  • Interview – Leonardo EW (37:59)

Our air editor Helen Haxell interviews Mark Hewer, VP of Integrated Mission Solutions at Leonardo Electronics, about the company's latest contract with NATO, and the electronic warfare equipment being provided by the OEM.

  • Industry Voice (51:28)

In this week’s Industry Voice segment, Endre Lunde, SVP of Communications for Nammo, talks about the development of longer-range precision munitions, and the implications of such systems becoming generally available.

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 2019-03-08  57m