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PODCASTS! We love them and so do you! Since the dawn of time, people connected with good stories. The Podcast Whisper brings this lost art to life as he features amazing shows with podcasters from all over the world. Your host David Alan has been podcasting since 2009. He brings years of experience in the broadcast industry and he’s here to help podcasters fine-tune their shows. Each week he will select a podcast to review while giving advice that will launch you forward.



episode 5: Porno Plots Podcast

Welcome to the #PodcastWhisperer in this weeks episode I review “Porno Plots Podcast” Join Jack Five Acres, Patches Brandt, Snickers Oneida, and Ginger Clover Meadow once a month as they discuss the plots of porno movies that you’ve only seen (ahem) certain scenes of. These guys work to answer the hard hitting questions of ‘wait, why are they doing each other? Wasn’t she with someone else earlier? Who’s that who just joined in?” From Jack’s mum’s basement in Salt Lake City, UT hear them try to explain the plots of movies from Jack’s Movie of the Month Club. Twitter @ThePodWhisperer Webs: Reviewmypod.com


 2019-03-08  12m