Classic Album Sundays

Classic Album Sundays is the world’s favourite album listening event and we remind you why you love music. Founder Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy hosts radio shows for the BBC, Worldwide FM and other radio platforms and is a journalist, a world renown DJ and one of the leading authorities on the vinyl revival.


episode 27: Soweto Kinch on The Joe Harriott Quintet ‘Abstract’ for Classic Album Sundays at EFG London Jazz Festival

For our second and final event at EFG London Jazz Festival 2018 we were joined by Soweto Kinch to look back at the brilliant 'Abstract' by The Joe Harriott Quintet at Kings Place on Sunday 25th November 2018.“Joe Harriott was the sort of pioneer whose significance and unique contributions are only beginning to be recognised long after his passing. His ‘freeform’ concept predated free jazz, he was among the first to appreciate the role of visual art and his Indo-Jazz fusion laid an important milestone for future jazz-world music collaborations. I’m always moved by the ambition and virtuosity of someone who refused to be defined by his humble beginnings or the racism of his times, as he quipped himself, ‘I’m not your equal, I’m your superior.’ I’m really looking forward to listening to and deconstructing Abstract in more forensic detail – discovering more nuance and insights with an audience, and remembering this uncompromising innovator.” Soweto Kinch


 2019-03-21  1h32m