The Non-Prophets

And we are The Non-Prophets!... a live atheism focused internet show airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central (01:30-03:00 UTC). Hosted by Russell Glasser, Jeff Dee, and Denis Loubet, the Non-Prophets focuses on atheism and the separation of church and state.



The Non-Prophets 18.07 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, Kevin Stein & Phil Ferguson

Guest host: Phil Ferguson Host of "The Phil Ferguson Show" (podcast) Owner: Polaris Financial Planning ( ) [News] Anti-vaxxer kid banned from school/basketball sued health department over banning and lost [News] New proposal in Boston, MA ending child marriage laws (under 16 with parental consent) [News] Christian nationalism [News] Laurie Lightfoot first gay person to be elected mayor of Chicago with 74% of the vote [News] Christian lobbying group in AZ seeking to block hotline to abortion referrals [Hope from Jamie] None of the democratic nominees are theocrats! Candidates outspoken in including atheists/nones.


 2019-04-04  1h40m