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Listen. There will be douche chills, flubs and bombs. There will be foul language, mispronunciations and unfulfilled details. There are no seasons. There are no ads. There are no theme songs. There won't be any extensive research or ready quoted sources either. This isn't an overindulgent display of self-importance. Direct Input Podcast strives to present conversations with Journeyman musician/song writer Josh Staples who is often joined by Master of Podcast Brian Thompson (creator, host and producer of Neckbreaker Podcast). Join us as we defy boring, conventional spoon fed interviews and dare to reveal honest media-dedicated to uncensored free speech with the pace of natural conversation. We talk about Metal, Drugs, Sports, Movies, Touring, Travel, Technology. You might find a laugh or two, or maybe even get informed about something interesting. Direct Input is produced by Gauntlet Creative Thanks for listening!


DIP092 Direct Input Podcast with Aggression

Aggression is a Canadian Thrash Metal band that was founded in 1985. This episode is tracked during load in at Ralph's Rock Diner in Worcester, MA. I botch a Brendan Gallagher question (thought he said Jagr) and the 3rd mic isn't audible. Shots are fired, on an empty net. METAL ARCHIVES - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - aggression1985 TWITTER - AGGRESSION85 YOUTUBE -


 2019-04-11  37m