Where I Work

Spend an hour or so with a professionally confused poet for an interview-style podcast with friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and complete strangers as we discuss our careers and try to uncover how, why, or if work defines us.



Episode #10 Faith and Hope

Gilda Gallagher, who has been an early childhood educator for close to 15 years, is my sister and someone who has played a major role in helping me launch this podcast. She is a fantastic person with a wonderful outlook, and we touch on a number of key points in our discussion, such as the importance of faith, the importance of physical activity, the importance of self-reflection, the importance a strong work ethic, and the importance of our personal relationships. We are living in a crazy world right now, as social media and news stations are filled with gun violence, police brutality, murder, terror attacks, political stand offs, and more. However, I hope this episode makes you laugh, makes you think, and allows you to take an hour for yourself.


 2016-07-15  56m