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A roundtable podcast discussing table-top roleplaying games, wargames, movies, books, television and various other topics of gamer culture. We discuss our own perspective on the state of games, and other topics. We have a tendency to disagree with each other on various points and debate them (sometimes at length). In general , our topics are table-top RPG themed. We don’t always stay on topic and tally up our tangents on the site for each episode. We also like to incorporate listener feedback into the show (when we get it).



They Came From Beneath the Sea: Slippery Conspiracy – Episode 2

Enter intrepid reporter Carrie Heston and hard boiled G-man Avery Brown into the mystery surrounding Hanamalu. CAST: Avery Brown – Brandon Irwin Carrie Heston – Shannon Steele Gabrielle Cruz – Lindsey Finchum Jay Everett – Aaron Woodside Kala Hale – Dorthea Moore Nate McEwan – Scott Hillier GM/Producer – Eric Ausley


 2019-04-20  42m