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402: Snapshot Sanity

We continue our take on ZFS as Jim and Wes dive in to snapshots, replication, and the magic on copy on write. Plus some handy tools to manage your snapshots, rsync war stories, and more!Links:

  • sanoid: Policy-driven snapshot management and replication tools. — Sanoid is a policy-driven snapshot management tool for ZFS filesystems. When combined with the Linux KVM hypervisor, you can use it to make your systems functionally immortal.
  • Syncoid — Sanoid also includes a replication tool, syncoid, which facilitates the asynchronous incremental replication of ZFS filesystems.
  • Copy-on-write - Wikipedia
  • ZFS Paper
  • The Magic Behind APFS: Copy-On-Write — The brand-new Apple File System (APFS) that landed with macOS High Sierra brings a handful of important new features that rely on a technique called copy-on-write (CoW).
  • Chapter 19. The Z File System (ZFS)


 2019-04-26  31m