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Melodic Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to the music of Star Trek. Host Brandon-Shea Mutala explores the themes, orchestral scores, and incidental compositions that bring Star Trek episodes and films to life, as well as the composers, singers and musicians behind the sounds.


episode 100: The Dark Time-Crystal

5 Favorites with C Bryan Jones. 
Podcasting is a medium that provides an outlet for fans to discuss elements of their fandom in an inexpensive and easily accessible way. However, many podcasts don't last to make their milestone of a 100th episode. Beginning in December of 2013 with host Colin Higgins, Brandon-Shea Mutala would take the reigns with episode 25 in 2016. The show would have many tangents with non-Trek related scores by Trek composers, as well as many interviews with composers and producers of soundtrack releases. After all that, it seemed an easy choice for who to have on as a special guest for the 100th episode of the show.

In this episode of Melodic Treks, host Brandon-Shea Mutala is joined by the founder of the Trek FM network, Christopher Jones (for his first appearance on the show) to discuss his five favorite Star Trek score tracks in this special milestone episode. We also discuss Chris' history with music, Wil Wheaton's new polka album, and peak Star Trek.

Intro (00:00:00) 
Welcome to Melodic Treks (00:01:01) 
Christopher's Musical Background (00:03:00) 
"Main Title (from Star Trek: First Contact)" composed by J. Goldsmith (00:14:54) 
"The Mountain" composed by J. Goldsmith (00:25:58) 
"A Busy Man" composed by J. Goldsmith (00:33:00) 
"London Calling" composed by M. Giacchino (00:41:07) 
"One Last Visit" composed by D. McCarthy (00:52:28) 
"War Adagio" composed by P. Baillargeon (00:59:24) 
Closing (01:09:45)
Brandon-Shea Mutala
C Bryan Jones
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 2019-04-28  1h13m