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0x67: Analysis of Two Backports of GPLv3 Termination Provisions to GPLv2

Bradley and Karen discuss two additional permissions that can be used to “backport” the GPLv3 Termination provisions to GPLv2— the Kernel Enforcement Statement Additional Permission, and the Red Hat Cooperation Commitment.

Show Notes:Segment 0 (00:35)
  • Bradley mentioned irregardless is not actually a word, but it does appear to be slang, which dates back to 1795! (03:23)
  • The additional permission system was codified as a formal part of GPLv3, but are generally more informal under GPLv2. (05:24)
  • Karen explained what the Principles of Community-Oriented GPL Enforcement. (07:49)
  • Karen mentioned that Daleksterminate! (08:51)
Segment 1 (13:04)
  • Bradley mentioned the inbound=outbound FOSS licensing contributor assent system (18:15)
Segment 2 (26:10)
  • Karen and Bradley discuss the term “non-defensive” and what it means.
  • Bradley mentioned the Twin Peaks lawsuit as a non-hypothetical case where the RHCC would not apply where GPL enforcement was used by Red Hat itself as a retaliation tactic. (29:23)
  • The Kernel Enforcement Statement and the RHCC are available online.
Segment 3 (38:40)

The next episode of will be an interview with Molly De Blanc and recording of her keynote at CopyleftConf 2019

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 2019-05-11  41m