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episode 3: The Marriage Playbook Season 6 Game 3 "Ladies and Whores, Part 2"

I was a little concerned when this subject dropped in my spirit. That we may present good information delivered too harshly, then i began to look at the times we are in and the attitude of our present generation. We are all under the assault of a wicked social agenda of evil communications in various forms where only the Truth can make us free.So yes with the help of God we will help our people young and old saved and secular identify the standards that are wholesome pure and holy and those that are not! Tune in to this hot topic "Ladies and Whores" on The Marriage playbook w/Coaches eric and Fran Monday July 23rd, 2018 @ 7PM on blogtalkradio.com or dial in 646 668-8485 to listen in on your mobile devices press 1 to come on the program live to air your question or comment.


 2018-07-31  57m