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episode 1: Choosing Greatness Over Perfection with Raychel T. Walker

Join me on BenTheLifeCoach Radio Show! Download my eBooks here  Please watch the show HERE Raychel T. Walker is a health and wellness enthusiast and she will share her perspective and personal story, which I am sure you will be able to relate to. This show is about embracing what makes us great instead of trying to be perfect. All too often we're taught that we shouldn't reveal "who we are" to the world "ESPECIALLY WOMEN" until we are perfect but we've seen how the trap of chasing perfection has enslaved us to the fakeness of "keeping it real", the insincerity of INAUTHENTIC living and for some of us, never showing up to life at all. At some point we have to stop focusing on the falsehood of perfection and listening to people tell us who we should be, what we should look like, what school we have to attend, car we should drive, people to date and embrace what individually makes us GREAT! Raychel was born prematurely and throughout most of her life dealt with health issues related to being born early and in her 20's decided to investigate her psychological, emotional and physical dimensions in an effort to identify what she wanted to do with her life. I believe you’re going to like what she has to say about her self-discovery and how accepting where and who you are in life, can end up saving your life.  


 2017-09-28  1h6m