Jewelcast: JFTC in your ears

Jewelcast is the official podcast of Jewels from the Crown, SB Nation's Los Angeles Kings blog! Join the JFTC writers and guests from around the SB Nation network as they talk Kings and discuss the NHL.


episode 1: Jewelcast, Episode 5.1: We ARE Still Recording Live, Thanks For Asking

It was a pretty slow summer for the Los Angeles Kings, so if the start of the 2018-19 season snuck up on you, you probably aren't alone. But it's true: the NHL regular season will see its first puck dropped in less than a month! For that reason, Eric and Sarah are back to talk about a little bit of everything. We spent our summer writing about prospects, refreshing Ilya Kovalchuk's Instagram page, Googling "hockey back injury recovery time", and attempting to figure out whether Dustin Brown can do it again. Come hear what we learned while we did all that! And with rookie camp having just ended, and training camp about to begin, hear our thoughts on what we think the season holds for the LA Kings. Expected Topics: Training Camp, Kovalchuk Watch 2018, Patches, Good Job Good Effort Rooks, Prospecting, Crystal Pucks, Sore About Shore


 2018-09-13  1h6m