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Eurovision 2019: Previewing the Grand Final

Michael and Io are pumped. With democracy sausages downed and phones at the ready, the team take a look at the Big 5 and host country entries in this year’s Eurovision Grand Final. It’s a big show, especially since it’s also Radiothon where we ask you to show your love for JOY by becoming a member. Dare to dream of an Australian win! What’s Mahmood’s message to Italian-speaking Australians? Will we find out what ‘IT’ is? What are Michael and Io’s top three? Find out in the podcast. And while you’re here, head down to the poll to vote for your pick of the grand final. Loving the songs? Stream, buy and enjoy the official album. The playlist S!sters – Sister [Germany] Kobi Marimi – Home [Israel] Michael Rice – Bigger Than Us [United Kingdom] Bilal Hassani – Roi [France] Mahmood – Soldi [Italy] Miki – La Venda [Spain] Cast your vote

  • What's your pick of the Eurovision Grand Final?
    • Michela - Chameleon [Malta]
    • Jonida Maliqi - Ktheju tokës [Albania]
    • Lake Malawi - Friend of a Friend [Czech Republic]
    • S!sters - Sister [Germany]
    • Sergey Lazarev - Scream [Russia]
    • Leonora - Love is Forever [Denmark]
    • Serhat - Say Na Na Na [San Marino]
    • Tamara Todevska – Proud [North Macedonia]
    • John Lundvik - Too Late for Love [Sweden]
    • Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl - Sebi [Slovenia]
    • Tamta - Replay [Cyprus]
    • Duncan Laurence - Arcade [The Netherlands]
    • Katerine Duska - Better Love [Greece]
    • Kobi Marimi - Home [Israel]
    • KEiiNO - Spirit in the Sky [Norway]
    • Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us [United Kingdom]
    • Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra [Iceland]
    • Victor Crone - Storm [Estonia]
    • ZENA - Like It [Belarus]
    • Chingiz - Truth [Azerbaijan]
    • Bilal Hassani - Roi [France]
    • Mahmood - Soldi [Italy]
    • Nevena Božović - Kruna [Serbia]
    • Luca Hänni - She Got Me [Switzerland]
    • Kate Miller-Heidke - Zero Gravity [Australia]
    • Miki - La Venda [Spain]
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 2019-05-18  56m