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Excellent music from the demoscene and groups that thrived in the 80's and 90's. Including recent chip tunes, MOD, XM, S3M, and SID modules from all the greatest trackers and artists.


Influenza Deprivation – ip39

some new, some old. mostly new. you’ve been deprived, we’re here to help.

  • mod.silencing-the-storm – mAZE^Desire^Moods Plateau^Void (04 chnl MOD 42kb)
  • nq_dhl19_rt_arp_prism.pt3 – Nik-O (YM, ABC – PT3)
  • INFLUENZA.XM – fearofdark (20 channel XM 224kb)
  • coincollector.nsf – Jakim (NSF, A203 + VRC6)
  • Ramiel.sid – Mibri^Hokuto Force (SID 8580)
  • BotB 30456 kleeder – Sleep Deprivation.mptm – Midori Mizuno & Timo (Kleeder)(18 channel OPL 62kb)

download the files here –> impulseproject39.tar.gz |

Fearofdark: soundcloud
Jakim: soundcloud

*artwork credit: “Aliens Inside Us” by CVM ^ ZeroTeam
1st in the Forever 2019 Zx Spectrum Graphics Competition (Zx Spectrum)

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 2019-05-20  50m