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MM8 The 12 Highlights of Christmas

Ho ho ho! Gather ’round the fireplace as Michael (Bookshelfstud), Jeff (BryndenBfish), Eliana (Glass_Table_Girl), Aaron (AdmiralKird), and Matt (JoeMagician) bring you twelve very special subreddit highlights of Christmas as we try to bring Jeff’s Christmas Spirit back. This podcast also features a poem by Michael, illustrated by Eliana – and stick around for the musical number at the end!





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As always:

– All artwork used with permission or under fair use. Image of MLP Reindeer comes from TheCheeseburger on DeviantArt. Check out their page here – Image of Jon Snowman is adapted from artwork by SkiddleZIzKewl, check out their deviantart page!

– This video utilizes the shield/flair system of r/asoiaf designed and adapted by /u/AdmiralKird. House Dayne Shield adapted by artwork from SiriusCrane. Check out his DeviantArt Page!

– As always, We make NO MONEY from this, no ads/patreon etc. You can pay us in upvotes and sweet nothings whispered in our ears.

– A HUGE THANKS to /u/AdmiralKird, our fearless, tireless editor/producer who put in an insane amount of effort to make sure we sound like fairly well-adjusted, funny people.


0:00:00 “Twas the Cast Before Christmas” – Written & Performed by Michael, Illustrations by Eliana, Animation by Aaron



0:06:08 “Who is your favorite EXTREMELY minor ASOIAF Character?”

0:14:10 DAY 12: “How Martin Writes: Dissecting the first page of the Hedge Knight” by /u/akimble1 –

0:29:30 DAY 11: “In Defence of Robb Stark” by /u/R41N1NG –

0:43:36 DAY 10: “A Deformed Hand of the King” by /u/ShmedStark –

0:53:49 DAY 9: “Was the show more interesting when it focused on politics and the war of the 5 kings?” by /u/jobr321 –

1:12:18 DAY 8: “Why Game, Clash, and Storm are complete stories, and Feast/Dance is not.” by /u/bob237189 –

1:40:07 DAY 7: “Was Shadow Assassin a Deux Ex Machina?” by /u/Mithras_Stoneborn –

1:50:10 DAY 6: “Why aren’t Ilyro and Varys speaking valyrian?” by /u/DireMaggot –

2:01:19 DAY 5: “Sometimes I can taste the blood.” by /u/mitvit –

2:05:34 DAY 4: “The Identity of Urrathon Nightwalker is…” by /u/YezenIRL –

2:20:34 DAY 3: “Shadow on the wall. Why Aegon’s true identity DOES MATTER” by /u/BaelBard –

2:38:35 DAY 2: “The Mystery Knight: About a Popular Bloodraven Theory” by /u/ShultzHS –

2:44:51 DAY 1: “The white walker babies and GRRMs comments on “Systemic genocide [of orcs]”” by /u/bh1981 –


3:03:54 “Do You Wanna Make Jon Snow Man?” Lyrics by Eliana, Performed by Eliana & Michael


 2017-12-24  n/a