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Comedians and self-proclaimed Drag Race historians Nicole Byer and Mano Agapion (along with special guests) review and look back on each episode of All Stars season 1 and UNTUCKED, providing biting commentary, wild hot takes and deranged observations about the queens, the lip syncs, and each other.For all the tea on All Stars Season 4 or Drag Race Season 11, take a lewk at our past episodes of What The Tuck.




RPDR S11E15: **BONUS** Drag Con horniness

"We're here, we're queer and everyone's gradually getting used to it" - tune in to hear the rest of Mano's interview with the founders of World of Wonder, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.What The Tuck is back with a special bonus episode full of delicious sound bites gathered at RuPaul's Drag Con 2019. Mano and Nicole hit the floor with Betsy Sodaro to find you the best and the sluttiest of Drag Con LA. Hear from 2019 champion, Yvie Oddly, All Stars 4 winner Monet X Change, Pandora Boxx, Conor Jerome and even a few of your fellow listeners. Have you ever wondered if a dick can be too big to tuck? Or wanted to see a merman twink serve early 2000s Xtina low-rise coin-slot realness? Well give this a listen henny. Thank you all for listening to What The Tuck this season! We love you bitches!
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 2019-06-09  1h2m