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It’s Like Google on Steroids: PubMed - Review: Still using the big kahuna of search engines to answer crucial medical questions? That’s because you haven’t tried

Still using the big kahuna of search engines to answer crucial medical questions? That’s because you haven’t tried

Imagine how empowering it would be to tap into the minds of top scientists. And not just any top scientists, but rather, the very people who’ve devoted their lives to coming up with better treatments for your specific medical problem. Their views could have a profound impact on the choices you make about your health care—from which physicians you select to which treatments you try.

“PubMed is the next best thing to getting on an airplane and visiting the leading experts worldwide, one by one.”

In this episode, we tell you about an internet-based research tool named It can help you quickly get your hands on straight-from-the-lab findings and conclusions published by the world’s leading experts in every medical field. Those published papers are often packed with important insights that can help shape your health-care decisions and make you a savvier patient.

We let you know how well works based on three criteria:

• Is it effective?

• Is it easy to use?

• Is it inexpensive?

And we wrap up the episode by revealing the Painopolis rating we give based on its usefulness, user-friendliness and cost (we’re tough graders, by the way). If you believe—as we do—that information is power, this episode is for you.

After you’ve listened to our review, click on our free, half-hour-long video tutorial below (it’s way better than the head-scratching tutorials found at Our video tutorial will give you an easy-to-follow demo on how to use With that video tutorial as your guide, you’ll become a whiz at getting your hands on the newest and most rigorously investigated findings from the world’s foremost experts on any medical topic imaginable.

Watch Our Easy Demo:

GET UP TO SPEED: If you’re looking for medical information, runs circles around Google.


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 2017-06-05  21m