GM Word of the Week

You can’t spell Game Master without “pretentious.” Well, you can, actually. But let’s pretend you can’t so I can make a point. My point is a good Game Master needs a lot of big, fancy words at their disposal to make their flavor text as confusing as possible. Oops. I mean engaging, not confusing. More at



If you’re stuck on a planet by yourself and need to, for example, defend yourself against some alien species, saltpeter is definitely one of the things you want to be able to find and use. But where does it come from and how did we figure out how to make it? Why is it such a major part of certain national celebrations? Whose idea was that? All these questions and more answered with a hot dog in one hand, a beer in the other, and sparkler in the third. Your support helps make the show happen. Join us at:


 2019-07-02  26m