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The Magic Hour

“The Magic Hour” is just a really chill vibe. You can relax listening to a mix of indie, alternative rock, R&B, and whatever else that decides to get played. Each playlist os based off of feeling while creating. The feeling you get while listening to a song means more than anyone can put into words. When you hear the first few seconds, you know whether or not a song is something you will resonate with and that you want to put in the lineup. Every genre gets played on “The Magic Hour”, whether its Jazz, Alternative, or Eclectic Soul, if it's a great song, you will hear it. Occasionally, there will be chatting about random shit that happens in life but the satisfaction you get from having a host that is insanely relatable and purely conversational is priceless. Tune-in to the show on Monday from 3:30pm - 4:45pm to start your week off with some magic!


 2019-07-09  58m