GM Word of the Week

You can’t spell Game Master without “pretentious.” Well, you can, actually. But let’s pretend you can’t so I can make a point. My point is a good Game Master needs a lot of big, fancy words at their disposal to make their flavor text as confusing as possible. Oops. I mean engaging, not confusing. More at



These little blood-sucking parasites are the worst! No group of so-called brave adventurers likes to face a swarm of stirges, especially not just as they are setting out on their career as brave adventurers. But wait, something isn’t quite right with the stirge. In fact, a lot of somethings aren’t quite right about the stirge, and many of the things related to stirges. But to find out exactly what’s wrong, you’re going to have to listen to this episode. And, if you’d like to help things be a little less wrong, try or We’re supported by our generous listeners on Patreon at


 2019-07-16  23m