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In the summer of 2014, the founders of Like.Minded, Anderson M, Borbi and Matt Hill decided to join forces to pursue the broadening of the underground music scene in their region of Southern California. Their goal was to integrate a community of unique individuals who spread positive ideas and vibrations. Through the vehicle of DJing and live performance, they sought to further the expression of the styles and sounds they lived for. With this model, Like.Minded has been showcasing many local and foreign talented artists on their Podcast Series. Their weekly event at Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa has become the go-to spot for soaking up the underground vibes on Sunday nights. This idea of inclusion and creativity has gained traction by uniting lovers of house and techno at an intimate local venue. Like.Minded Sundays has become a fun location for music enthusiasts to come together and dance to underground music. Like.Minded has showcased its craft all throughout Southern California. They continue to push the sonic envelope by bringing solid underground music and good vibes to its community and more. Our weekly residency "Like.Minded Sundays" is every Sunday at Kitsch Bar...



Like.Minded Podcast 063: DIN

D I N is a promising Riga, Latvia local talent with musical background in his roots. He is well known for his contribution in the music production and event organizing across Riga, and has a passion for deep grooves and hypnotic melodies, so be prepared to dive deep into the journey. Hi performed in United Kingdom, Austria and Baltic States.Hi shared stage with artist like: Oshana, Herck, Ted Amber, Sebastian Eric, Vincent Casanova, KiRiK, Sasha Kaktus and many more... Released his music on labes like: Heisenberg (RUS), Razom (UA), Celo Rec (FR) and few self released on Bandcamp. Hi is really happy to announce his first Vinyl release on Label Petter Preston VA02 track - “Tirlitic" is on B2. Snip you can listen here - @dinofficial Website: Facebook: Instagram:


 2019-07-31  1h0m