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episode 7: Siobhan Brooks: Same sex relationships and the symbolic meaning of marriage in the black community

"The conscious choice of choosing a partner that’s black, and also marrying, symbolises political commitment to blackness, in black spaces."

Siobhan Brooks is a sociologist and currently Tenure Professor in African American Studies at California State University Fullerton. Her research focuses on the intersection of racial identity, gender, and sexuality, and she is particularly well known for her work on African-American sex workers.This podcast focuses on Siobhan Brooks’ 2017 research paper: ‘Black on Black Love: Black Lesbian and Bisexual Women, Marriage, and Symbolic Meaning’. The paper explores same-sex relationships among African-Americans, and what access to the social institution of marriage means for black lesbians and bisexual women in particular.


 2019-08-13  33m