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The Oldest Man I’ve Ever Had Sex With – Ep11

In “Behind The Porn Scenes” Podcast Episode 11 you will hear:

  • What’s the oldest man I’ve ever had sex with and how
  • Where I dropped my phone and had to reach in to save
  • Why B was using two big dildos all by himself
  • What exactly “magazine boogers” are
  • How and where we stayed in a SUPER fancy Four Seasons hotel
  • Why I love the wide angle lens the most
  • All about our last minute Miami trip
  • How to get water AND rice out of your phone
  • Listen to my live Sybian session and major orgasm
  • The secret use of suction cups

OMG again?? Really?? lol Just when we thought we were back on track with the video AND audio of the podcast, this time we did hit record on BOTH the mic and the video BUT the video was in some weird “loop” mode so even though it was recording, it only recorded in a few little one minute segments!! Luckily it saved the last few which gets some of the most eXXXciting Sybian masturbation parts at the end

The audio version is perfect, so you can listen today as always, just the video version that gets posted next week will probably be some compilation footage with the few snippets that the camera actually recorded mixed in

The video versions of the podcasts always get posted the week after, so you can listen to today’s podcast right now of course then go back and watch the video version of last week’s HERE.

And as promised, here are my two favorite pics of the week and VERY different lol first B using two suction cup dildos to pry open my iPhone then one of the cutest pictures I have ever taken, the Miami hotel breakfast in bed that came with a side of poodle

Congrats to TwoDoggs who had his question answered in this week’s episode! He will be getting a free personalized picture.

Remember to go get YOUR question submitted to be answered in one of my upcumming episodes right here (then YOU could be featured next time and get your own personalized picture too):

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 2016-05-22  27m