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episode 737: You Could See The "Screw It" in His Eyes

This Week's Stories:

  • TWO AND A HALF DOZEN people invade Area 51
  • iPhone 11 vs iPhone 7: is it worth the upgrade?
  • Apple Arcade is the best 5 bucks a month you can spend on games
  • Apple Watch 5 is the best computer you can wear on your wrist.
  • Taking cat pictures in the dark with iPhone 11 - which phone takes the best picture? How about video?
  • How many monthly fees to Apple are too many?
  • Apple wins its 2nd Emmy before Apple TV+ even comes out.
  • Who owns How about
  • Apple changes the update cycle
  • RIP 3D Touch. We won't miss you.
  • Apple's ultrawideband U1 Chip: what does it do?
  • iPhone 11 teardown
  • What to expect from Google's big October event
  • What to expect from Microsoft's big October event
  • Has Google achieved quantum supremacy?
  • How many bitcoin are lost forever?
  • When Zuck met Trump
  • Facebook creates Oversight Board: here's how it will work
  • Facebook Portal wants to watch you watch TV
  • Richard Stallman out at MIT and Free Software Foundation
  • Edward Snowden still wants to come home

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Rene Ritchie, Dwight Silverman, and Louise Matsakis

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 2019-09-22  2h13m