The Europeans

Fed up with all the Trumpy news from the USA or the Brexit-y news from Britain? Well you've come to the right place. Each week we trawl the continent of Europe for the most interesting stories to cover and the most fascinating people to interview. This semi-serious, semi-silly, Brexit-free show, from a reporter in Paris and an opera singer in Amsterdam, will make you seem clever to friends and make you feel like you've got two NEW friends in Katy and Dominic. You probably didn't realise you needed a European podcast in your life, but this will fill the gap that you didn't even know was there.


Toxic elements

This week, the fight for LGBT rights in Poland. A horrible pattern has been repeating itself in Polish cities: far-right thugs turning up to hurl eggs, bottles, blows and insults at Pride protesters. Our guest, the poet and novelist Jacek Dehnel, is on the line from Warsaw to reflect on what bishops and politicians have to do with it, as well as why there are reasons for hope. Plus, nitrogen and warm-hearted drug smugglers.  

You can read Jacek's account of what happened at the Pride march in Białystok here in the Guardian.  His novel Lala and the first volume of the murder mystery series co-written with his husband, Mrs Mohr Goes Missing, are now available in English along with his poetry collection Aperture.

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 2019-10-08  30m