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Tehran is home to more than 12 million people. In the city you can find the Grand Bazaar, filled with shops and stretching over 10 kilometers in length with a history going back possibly a thousand years. 

South of the bazaar is the neighborhood of Darvazeh Ghar, one of the city’s poorest areas and home to large numbers of prostitutes and drug addicts. Some estimates put the number of drug addicts in the country of Iran at about 6% of the population. The drugs of choice are primarily heroin from Afghanistan and locally produced "shisheh", crystal meth. 

Many gather in the "patoqs", the hangouts, in the neighborhood, spending whatever money they have gotten from collecting the city’s waste on their next fix.

Campaign: "Emissary Lost", Coriolis
Music by: Alphaxone, Sabled Sun and Stars on a Black Sea
Sound effects by: Syrinscape     



 2019-10-09  58m