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episode 25: Episode 34: Decathlon on the Kitchen bench

Coming to you from the PAX show floor, it's Episode 34! This time we're joined by Tired Parent Mat Kapin, and Arcade Perfect's Dazza to plan some new vintage game inspired movies, remakes we'd like to see and more! An extra special thanks to Audio Technica for letting us use their recording booth at PAX once more.

Some of the games mentioned this episode:

  • Untitled Goose Game
  • The Vigilante Proclivities of the Longspur (that's the point & click adventure game Mat mentioned!)
  • Mrs Mop
  • IK+
  • Deviants
  • Zamzara
  • Hero II
  • PSI-5 Trading Company
  • Paradroid
  • Body Blows

The Tired Parents can be found over at or Mat is on Twitter as @KapinKong

Daz and the Arcade Perfect Podcast can be found at

Damian's gaming and arcade restoration blog is at


 2019-10-11  43m