Widow Cast:  Widows Empowering Widows - How to Self Coach Through Grief

After becoming widowed, are you wondering why you are feeling the way you do (or not feeling!)? As a widow and as a widow coach, I want to share my story and insights for other widows to feel that connection and know they are not alone.



episode 109: Ep 140 Self Care That Might Surprise You

Have you ever read about "self-care" and think you need to scheduled the beauty spa?  Or maybe it felt like you have to be completely selfish about your time - taking care of you at the expense of everyone else around you.  A fellow professional life coach shared a post that beautifully defined what self-care means to her.  It is with Corinne Crabtree's permission that I am sharing her post with you.  You might be very surprised at what self-care can be.  Email:  Joann@joannthelifecoach.com   Subscription membership:  https://widowcoachingcenter.com 


 2019-10-17  24m