Every Day

Every other month, SYFY WIRE will be tackling a new subject for it's EVERY DAY series. Starting in October, host Dany Roth will talk with a new guest every day about a different horror movie for EVERY DAY HORROR. So if you're a glutton for horror or are prone to nightmares, take a chance on us as we indulge in some of the best, the worst, and the scariest horror films ever made.



episode 3: Annihilation

Alien life is as likely to come from within as it is to come from without. A cencerous cell is unlike us, and, yet, can grow inside us destroying all that we are. Annihilation is a movie about humanity's instinct, both in the physical and the metapyhsical, towards self destruction. Dan Olson and Crystal Rhone join host, Dany Roth, to talk about the complex and personal messages behind Alex Garland's instinct classic, Annihilation. CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains conversations about depression and suicidal ideation.


 2019-10-21  50m